The purpose of this manual is to promote efficiency and simplicity in the evidence handling procedures for all evidence coming into the possession of the Champaign County Sheriff's Office. By following these guidelines we intend to establish standardized packaging methods for all property and evidence in the possession of our agency.

These guidelines will meet the specific needs of the Champaign County Sheriff's Office, but will not cover every circumstance that one may encounter.  If in doubt about a collection, packaging, or storage procedure, contact the Evidence Control Officer and seek assistance. 

This manual attempts to instruct the Deputy in packaging techniques through the use of photographs and text in a step by step approach.  Following the instructions are “Points of Interest” which contain important information pertaining to specific circumstances or packaging tips. 

 The Evidence Control Officer has the right to refuse property and evidence (Right of Refusal) not packaged in accordance with this manual.  Such property and or evidence will be returned to the submitting Deputy  to allow for satisfactory changes to be made, and the evidence resubmitted in a timely manner. 


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