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Did you find that a Deputy went above and beyond to assist you?...


How do I commend a Sheriff's Office employee?


1. Write a letter to the employee’s supervisor, Captain, or Deputy Chief at:


Champaign County Sheriff's Office

308 Miami Street, Urbana, Ohio 43078


Commendation letters are logged and placed in the employee’s permanent personnel file.


2. Call the Sheriff's Office at 937-484-6091 and ask to speak with the employee’s supervisor. If you are unsure of the employee’s name, describe the employee and list the specific actions or demeanor that impressed you. Mention the location, date and time the incident occurred.


3. Use the form to the right to submit your commendation online. Please remember to list the Deputy's name and a complete detailed narrative of location, date, time, and the actions that impressed you.




Champaign County Sheriff's Office​

308 Miami Street

Urbana, Ohio 43078



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Your commendation was submitted successfully! Thank You For Your Support!

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